Cherry Mead

Mead Batch #4  7/12/2010

Started a batch of cherry mead Monday night. I got the initial mixture too hot and cooled it down. Realized after I pitched the yeast and aerated it that there a big hot spot in the center of the carboy and wondered if I had murdered my yeast, but it was bubbling away this morning so I’m safe.

Last two batches of Mead I started I did not heat, I just mixed it all together, hit it with a stick blender and go to work.  I was a more worried about the cherries have undesirable wild yeast which is why I brought water to a boil and added the cherries and honey for a few minutes.  I didn’t measure the water which was my downfall above.  I was going for 2/3 of a gallon including cherries and I got myself almost exactly a gallon.

I didn’t use much of a recipe this time.  Either I am getting more comfortable with the process or I’m setting myself up for disaster, but here is the recipe such that is it.

  • 2 tsp of Lavin 71B-1122 (probably only needed a tsp, but I’m always nervous about not having enough).
  • 3 lbs of wildflower honey procured from the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market.
  • ~1/2 to 3/4 lb of cherries, wash with the pits removed. (I believe they were Rainer’s, but I didn’t ask the specific variety.  Also obtained from the Farmer’s market)
  • Top of carbody with water, leaving appropriate head space

Cause the water was still in the 100 degree range when I pitches the yeast, I didn’t take a specific gravity reading on this batch.  I keep intending to get better at doing this so I know the alcohol content, but part of me doesn’t care that much.  I’m making it to enjoy drinking it and serving it to friends.

Although this is the fourth batch I’ve started.  I actually haven’t really had a good sample of my own creation yet.  The first batch I started will be a year old in Novemember, so maybe I’ll break out on the bottles for the cooking day and see how it is faring.