Cooking day guest star, antique sausage press

l bought this old sausage press in St. Paul.   l  had been Wanting to make sausage for along time and this was the impetus to go for it. Picture on the left is when it came into the house, on the left after the application. of some elbow grease. It cleaned up pretty well although not quite as pretty as l hoped.   The press has seen some hard service, the the base has been cracked by both posts and brass welded. It appears that some mesh patches have been installed  on the posts.

The press is from Simmons hardware company. The press is listed as patent pending in 1897. The company went under in 1939, although the brand was bought out and continued to sell for some years.   But the press is probably 50-100 years old. But like any antique that I bring into the kitchen I plan on putting it into service.