Recipe 9/36: Grated Potato Pancakes

Our CSA has given us a lot of small russet potatoes this year and it has been a struggle to keep up with them. I did a little reading on potato pancakes because I’ve never made them before. I usually think of pancakes as the kind made from something from mashed potatoes, but I saw a suggestion on the web to make them out of grated potatoes. It was something a little different so I had a go at it.

I started by using the grating attachment on my food processor to grate a pound of potatoes. I added to that 1 each thinly cut green, orange and red banana pepper and a medium onion cut the same. A heavy grind of pepper and a heavy teaspoon of salt. Then I heated a cast iron pan with some vegetable oil and then fried them until GBD (gold brown and delicious), flipped them and did the same.

In some ways, it was just like eating shaped hash browns, taste and texture were the same, but it seemed to give a few more options than I would normally apply to hash browns. My daughter sprinkled parmesan cheese to hers, my wife doled out guacamole and would have a bit of each and I liberally spread Dusseldorf mustard on my and was much pleased with the results