First post!

I’m starting this blog to track my experimental cooking sessions, so that I can include recipes that I plan to cook, as well as after action reports on how dishes turned, what friends thought of it and whatever else of interest happens that day.  I’ll probably also include pictures since I know a couple of shutter bugs.

I won’t talk about past cooking days, but I’ll start with the next one that we have planned which is July 17th.  It is going to be slightly German themed, as a plan to make to sausage for the first tine, which has lead to thoughts of sauerkraut.  From there everything just fell into place.

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  1. Albatross

     /  July 9, 2010

    Cool! Post your recipe for pretzels! I have one, but they turned out all leathery and chewy. My recommendation is not to skimp on the one acid-bath mixture they need to get dunked in, I think that was part of my problem, I didn’t have the right pot for it.

    • I will, I have to see if I can find the recipe that I used before. I’m trying to get some of the new recipes I plan to use done first, but it will be up before the 17th.


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